Tip Sheet

Promote Your Product & Presence

Three Ways To Win

A unique aspect of participating in an exhibition is the opportunity to sell your product or service, not just once, but three times!

Pre-Show Promotion

  • It really pays to begin selling prior to the show. You not only promote higher attendance at the event, but more importantly, you are letting your customers and prospects know where to find you at the show. Here are some proven techniques to try.
  • Let your customers know you will be at the show and note the location, dates and times of the event.
  • Mail special coupons or show admission tickets to your customers.
  • Secure the right from show management to distribute free admission tickets directly to key customers before the show.
  • Schedule advertising to coincide with the show dates.
  • Find out when/where ads promoting the show will appear and buy adjoining ad space.

At the Show

  • Offer price discounts or value added promotions.
  • Target customers/prospects on-site and schedule specific appointment times during the show.
  • Develop easy ways to qualify new prospects such as collecting business cards or conducting a prize drawing.
  • Hand-out unusual giveaway items with your name, phone and fax numbers imprinted on them.
  • Distribute discount coupons valid only for a specified time period after the show.

Post-Show Promotion

  • Immediately following the show, contact all prospects/customers who visited your booth.
  • Analyze coupon redemption patterns and build a database for future reference.
  • Ask for referrals from prospect and customers.
  • Begin planning for your next show.

Follow these simple suggestions and discover how powerful exhibition marketing is! Like most projects, however, those who really succeed are those who have a plan. Take some time now to plan your marketing program and then sell, sell, sell.