Service order forms are provided to enable Show Service Contractors to be organized for the benefit of the exhibitors. Please follow the instructions carefully. By doing so, you will obtain these services promptly and at the least expense possible. Please understand the earlier you complete and return your forms the better quality service you will receive.

Standard Drape Booth

A standard drape booth will be supplied in show colours by Stronco Show Services without charge to exhibitors.


Back wall height 8′
Side wall / Divider height 3′ high from back wall to the front of booth

A standard drape booth is provided to all in-line exhibitors. Exhibitors who have reserved 400 sq. ft. or more that is not in-line will find their space in an “as-is” condition – meaning no drape will be provided.

Systems Booth

Instead of a Standard Drape Booth provided free of charge by Show Management, exhibitors can rent a carpeted hard-wall systems booth complete with a fascia bearing the company name. The booth is equipped with two chairs and a table.

A “Special Systems Booth” order form is included with Stronco forms.

Display Services

Stronco Show Services
Tel: 905.270-6767 ext. 2234

Stronco is equipped to provide:

  • Furniture and Accessories Rentals, including draped tables.
  • Materials Handling
  • Sign Writing
  • Labour Service
  • Plants for Booth Decoration

Note: Premium price is charged for orders taken at the Show.

Rental and Service order forms are in this section of the manual.

Please Note: The space is bare, furnishings (carpet, furniture, etc.) can be brought in or ordered through Stronco.


Exhibitors can order signs and display cards from the official Show Service Contractor. Orders should be placed at least two weeks in advance. On-site orders for signs and display cards will be charged at an extra premium price, if available at all.

Note: All exhibitors are expected to have a company name displayed prominently in their space. A corporate logo or sign is sufficient and there is no need for an additional sign as described above.

Materials Handling

The exclusive Materials Handling Contractor for the Show is Stronco.

All transactions on work of this type are between the official Materials Handling Contractor and the exhibitor. In case exhibitor representatives are not present, Show Management reserves the right to order their equipment and/or material to be moved from the receiving door to their booth area. The charge for this service will be invoiced by the official Materials Handling Contractor to the exhibitor.

Electrical Service

The exclusive Electrical Contractor for the MTCC is ShowTech Power & Lighting Co. Ltd.

ShowTech Electric maintains a complete Service Centre at the Show. However, in order to allow proper scheduling of equipment and manpower, exhibitors should place their order well in advance of the Show by returning the Electric Order Form at the back of this section.

ShowTech Power & Lighting Co. Ltd.

255 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2W6
Tel: 416.585.8109

Exhibitors should sketch where they require outlets and send this information to the Official Electrical Contractor. Extension cords must be of the three-prong type (i.e. grounded) and must contain wires of the proper size to carry electrical load. Cube taps or cube tap extension cords are not permitted.

The Electrical Contractor is obliged to refuse connection where the exhibitor’s electrical wiring method constitutes a code violation.

Internet Services

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is the Exclusive Provider for all types of Internet access in the building. This is available through the above Communications Department

There are multiple options available.

Official Customs Broker

The OLA Super Conference has requested and received from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency a declaration that Super Conference be a bona fide exhibition, enjoying the privileges of Tariff Item 9993.00.00.00. and Customs Memorandum CSPL 1037. We also have received permission for the use of Border to Show movement. Commerce will provide the following services:

  • Post the required bonds and securities with Canadian Customs
  • Clear your materials through Canadian Customs
  • Co-ordinate delivery to the Show on the appropriate move-in days.
  • Provide on-site staff to advise and assist you to the closing of the Show.
  • Prepare export documentation and bills of lading.
  • Co-ordinate outgoing transportation of exhibit materials.
  • Arrange U.S. Customs clearance for return surface freight.

Exhibitors may ship their materials for display at the Show duty-free. All materials shipped to the Show will be customs cleared after the delivery to the appropriate booth. Customs clearance will not affect exhibitors’ access to materials for set-up.

Commerce will post a bond or cash deposit with Canada Customs to be held as security to guarantee the amount of duties and taxes normally applied on imported goods. Exhibitors are responsible for all charges incurred by Commerce if there are any violations caused by the exhibiting firm or it is a bona fide cost of importation. Foreign exhibitors are best to contact Commerce directly for specific answers to questions.

Complete the enclosed Commerce order form in the SHOW SUPPLIER section to receive a brochure which will assist you in the preparation and distribution of documents.

Exhibitors using their own customs broker must be prepared to post their own bond or cash deposit with Canada Customs.

Material Accompanying Exhibitors – (Hand Baggage)

If exhibitor staff bring any equipment or display material with them via aircraft, they must have some evidence of what this material is worth and may have to post a cheque for 35% of the declared value with the Customs Broker at the airport. This is HIGHLY unusual.

Imported Advertising Material – (Including Give-Away Samples)

13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be charged by the Canadian Customs on the declared value of all advertising printed matter (catalogues, brochures, etc.) This must be paid on the exhibitor’s behalf by the Customs Broker before material will be released by the Customs.

All printed material must be marked “Printed in…” (insert country of origin). Special notice of the return must be given to the Show Customs so that documents can be prepared.

An information flyer is included at the back of this section. Non-Canadian exhibitors should contact commerce immediately to receive a more detailed package.

Lead Retrieval

OLA will be offering Lead Retrieval through PheedLoop. Activation of Lead Retrieval for your company can be purchased through the OLA Super EXPO Store Portal. Using your smart phone and the PheedLoop App you can scan attendee badges, make notes about their interests, and then access their contact information for follow up.

Here is a video about using the PheedLoop app, (please note that pricing, and ordering instructions are not current/applicable):

Computer Rentals & Audio Visual Rentals

CCR Solutions

1040 Islington Avenue, Toronto, ON M8Z 6A4
Tel: 416.675.7502 or 800.761.1119

Official Show Carrier

Stronco Logistic Services

Tel: 800.665.2621 ext. 2333