Exhibitor Planning Checklist

6 to 8 Weeks in Advance of Show

  • Check to ensure final payment of booth space has been made – due December 15, 2017.
  • Read this Exhibitors Manual thoroughly.
  • Submit the appropriate forms that are due in this period – particularly the Badge Request, Official Directory Listing, and the Move-In Schedule. Due December 15, 2017.
  • Review corporate objectives and tailor your exhibit theme to accomplish them.
  • Check inventories of available literature or prepare new literature for booth distribution.
  • Check availability promotional samples and products for display. Arrange promotional activities if desired.
  • Check booth sketches and booth construction schedule. This applies to exhibitors erecting their own displays. (See “Rules and Regulations”).
  • Formulate shipping plans – consider using the show’s freight company. More information is under SHOW SERVICES. With the Official Show Carrier you will be assured that your freight is on the floor before you arrive on set-up day. As the Official Carrier we work with them to deliver freight by 8:00 am for the 9:00 am set up.
  • Ensure you mention the Super Conference in your trade advertising and take advantage of the FREE EXPO passes that are provided to your firm. Marketing an event of this size needs to be a partnership between the Association and the companies who participate.
  • Have news releases and photos prepared for advance release.
  • Arrange for adequate extension of your business insurance to the Show, i.e. Public Liability, Public Damage and Theft.

3 to 4 Weeks in Advance of Show

  • Arrange for shipping of literature samples, equipment and display units.
  • Order furniture, rugs, electrical services, telephones, communications hook-up, etc. required for your exhibit. Keep a copy of your order in your files. (See section on SHOW SERVICES)
  • Check signs and display cards required for your exhibit. If signs cannot be made by your own sign maker, order them from Official Show Service Contractor (Special Event Rentals).

10 Days in Advance of Show

  • Prepare for set-up of booth.
  • Use plain boxes, containers and labels that do not identify the products.
  • Prepare tool kit for all items necessary to set-up booth and perform emergency repair of display units and equipment.
  • Check supply of order books, scratch pads, business cards, pencils, sales manuals, cellophane tape, safety-pins, and tacks.
  • Provide proper insurance coverage.
  • Check arrival times of booth equipment and advertising literature.
  • Hold a Pre-Show meeting with booth personnel to review objectives and responsibilities.
  • Plan Post-Show follow-up activities.

During Move-In at Show

  • Review Exhibitor Manual for items ordered from suppliers prior to move-in.
  • Arrange samples and literature for convenient use during the Show.
  • Have adequate personnel present at the booth to receive the shipment and take inventory.
  • Report immediately any discrepancy in goods received, to the shipper and to Show Management.

During Show and After

At the end of each day:

  • Package small items in boxes or lock them up in your booth.
  • Submit FREE Lead Retrieval forms to Show Office.

At the end of the Show:

  • Have proper exhibitor identification on all goods.
  • Remain with your merchandise until removed from floor.
  • In case you have to leave prior to merchandise and booth material having been removed from the floor, make sure you inform Show Management who will be picking them up and when.