OLA/OSLA Ken Haycock Super Conference Grant

Dr. Ken Haycock established the Chancellor Group Conference Grant to honour the founders of the Association for Teacher-Librarianship in Canada. It was subsequently transferred to the Canadian Library Association (CLA). A travel grant of $500 was to provide support to newly qualified teacher-librarians (the “TL”) to attend the annual conference of the CLA. The funds were transferred to OLA in 2016 after CLA’s dissolution. OLA is now proud to provide the grant to support new TL’s to attend the OLA Super Conference.

To apply:
Complete the online application form and include a brief biography/resume of the nominee outlining their achievements and library background, as well as two (2) letters endorsing the nominee by December 15, 2023.



Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Super Conference Bursary

Each year, the OLA Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Committee offers a Super Conference bursary. The bursaries are available to support recipients in their career in information/librarianship and are intended to provide access to the OLA Super Conference to applicants identifying as Indigenous, Black, or a person of colour, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to participate. 

This year, there are two (2) bursaries available that will be awarded. The recipients will each receive one (1) full Super Conference 2024 registration and one (1) recipient will receive up to $1000 for travel expenses. 

The application deadline is December 16, 2023 at 11:59PM EST.  

Applications will be reviewed by members of the Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The successful applicants will be contacted by email by December 22, 2023.  




OLBA Super Conference Bursary

For library board members who live in Northern and small libraries, attending Super Conference can be costly. The OLBA Bursary assists board members in distant and small communities with travel expenses to conference, and allows them to choose from hundreds of professional development events, including the OLBA Board Bootcamp.


Bursaries Available:

2 X Northern Region (includes Northeast and Northwest): $1,250 per person

 1 X Any Library Board (excludes Northern libraries) serving a population under 15,000: $500

 Visit the OLA website for more information about OLBA member regions.

In addition to the bursary, recipients will be registered for the full OLA Super Conference including a single ticket to the Public Library Award Gala. The bursary award is non-transferrable and is for the exclusive use of the recipient.

Winners will be chosen by random draw and informed prior to the conference.
 Bursary winners are responsible for booking their own travel accommodations. A cheque for the bursary amount will be provided within 30 days after Super Conference.

The requirements for eligibility for one of the bursaries are:

  • Your Board must be a member of OLBA
  • The person applying has never been to Super Conference before
  • The person must state which bursary they are applying for and ensure that they are applying for the correct geographic area.

 Submissions for the bursary close December 15 




Spirit of Reconciliation Award

The Spirit of Reconciliation Award sponsors up to three (3) First Nations public librarians to attend Super Conference, covering travel and accommodations. Sponsored by the OLA Indigenous Advisory Council and OLA Mentoring Committee, the Spirit of Reconciliation Award is about forming reciprocal relationships between First Nations public librarians and municipal public librarians. The goal of this initiative is to dissolve barriers, further the network and connections of librarians, dismantle the silos and close the gap that time has established.

At the OLA Super Conference, the award recipients are partnered with seasoned OLA Super Conference attendees (Spirit of Reconciliation Partners), who will ensure you get the most out of Super Conference by introducing you to a network of people. In return, the First Nations public librarian will help the Spirit of Reconciliation Partner develop a deeper understanding of Indigenous matters as they relate their Nation and professional experience.


Application Deadline: December 1st, 2023