Tip Sheet

Demos Make Your Booth Sizzle

The competition is right next to you. The noise level is high. Your audience is easily distracted. They have varying levels of technical knowledge. Can a demonstration really be effective?

Yes! Demonstrations are a key element in trade show strategy, but effective demonstrations require practical skills and expert interactive communication with the audience. Here are guidelines for success.

  • Be aware of attendees’ first, and frequently lasting, impressions.
    Dress at the same level or slightly better than the attendees
  • Practice your demonstration.
    You’ll be better able to respond to specific questions at any technical level.
  • Know every aspect of the equipment or product before the show.
    Your level of preparedness is a reflection of you and your company.
  • Position yourself so that you can see the audience and the product.
    Keep people from standing behind you where they can’t see you or the product properly.
  • Make eye contact.
    Convey commitment and interest with your eyes. Acknowledge newcomers to the demonstration.
  • Use body language to convey confidence and conviction.
    Use gesturing for emphasis and impact or to compare and contrast what you are demonstrating.
  • Anticipate questions and prepare answers prior to the show.
    Know who on your staff can answer a question when you can’t. Restate questions so everyone can hear and if necessary, tone the question down to make it less difficult to answer.
  • Adjust to the audience.
    For less technical audiences, stress benefits and solutions to problems.
    For a technical audience, focus on special features and functions.
  • Use the demonstration to qualify sales opportunities and stimulate post-show interest.