Heather Robinson has more than 26 years of multifaceted experience in public libraries.  Her passion for libraries began when she worked as a  Page at London Public Library.   During library school at Western University, she completed two coop work terms at City of York Public Library in Toronto and this is where she started her career as a children’s librarian once she graduated.    From there, she worked at Kingston Public Library until 1998 when she accepted a position as Children’s Librarian at St. Thomas Public Library where she still works.   St. Thomas Public Library has afforded her many opportunities.   She has not only managed children’s services but also circulation,  teens’ and adult services.   She was also the project coordinator of an extensive renovation project and is now the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Librarian.   Heather had the honour of winning the “Children’s Librarian of the Year” award from the Ontario Public Library Association in 2004.