The following poster sessions will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2024 in EXPO Hall C (MTCC) from 12pm – 1pm ET. Scroll down to search by title (listed in alphabetical order).

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Amplify Creativity: Making Noise with Our Library Art Contest

Jackson Charbonneau / Susanna Galbraith / Stephanie Sanger

An X Website, It Has Ceased to Be: Losing Library Twitter and What Comes Next

Gabrielle Crowley / An Li Tsang

Helping Kids Spot Fake News and Find the Good Stuff

Joyce Grant

Let’s Train! Measurement, Evaluation and Demonstrating Impact of Library Services

Kimberly Silk

Metadata Gadgetry for Contemporary Digital Collections

Kirsta Stapelfeldt / Bennet Steinburg

OLA Climate Action Committee: Tools & Resources for Library Professionals Navigating Climate Change

Erin Braam / Michael Michelle Rogowski / Merley Wheaton

Opening the World of Reading to Everyone: Accessible Books for Young Readers

Spencer Miller / Janis Nostbakken

Rediscovering a Collection: A Project of Converting a Single Serieal Record into 2000 Monographs

Natalia Mykhaylychenko

Study of Public Librarians Reading Habits Through a System-Wide Reading Challenge

Jennie Fallis / Julie Morris

The Impact of COVID-19 on a Public Library’s Active Membership

Andrew Tuck

Turning Green Dilemmas into Community Building and Outreach: The Plant Summer Story

Alexandra Tome

Waggin’ Wednesdays: Pawsitive Impact of Therapy Dogs in the Library

Gail Driedger / Katie McCaskill

“What Does Hate Look Like?”: Empowering Kids to Share and Confront Hate and Discrimination 

Sameena Jimenez / Corrine Promislow / Emma Rodgers


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