Attending Super Conference is often a costly expenditure, we understand that. But it’s also an investment that benefits you as a professional and in turn, your organizations ability to innovate. In order to effectively make the case for both time away from the office and support for your conference expenses, you’ll need to demonstrate how your attendance at Super Conference will benefit your organization, and your colleagues.

In order to make your case, we recommend the following:

  • Share the conference schedule with your supervisor and colleagues, find out what aspects of the conference they find most interesting and what information would be helpful to bring back from the conference.
  • Review the list of exhibitors and identify those with specific relevance to the work being done by you and your colleagues. Offer to meet with these exhibitors one on one, and to gather questions from those unable to attend Super Conference themselves.
  • Estimate the costs required for you to attend conference.
  • Draft a plan suggesting who would cover any essential work while you’re away. If applicable, state how you can stay connected to the office through technology.
  • Describe how you plan to share what you learned from the conference when you return.
  • Write a formal request. Feel free to use our sample memo if it’s helpful.